Our Philosophy

Outliers was founded on the principle that a venture's success is dependent on its founders. As such, we are in the business of investing in and supporting outliers; strong executors building compounding technology companies at an early stage. We believe that even with a strong market opportunity, building a business is difficult and backing outliers early in their journey requires an operator-driven approach.

We are guided by three key principles

Being an ‘Outlier’ is a Process.

Great business models are built by exceptional founders and we seek to understand their unique insights. We always start with questions like "why now and why this team" and "what are the unique insights you have in this market?".

Data and Security are the Foundation of Digital Platforms.

With 30% of software running in the cloud, data is growing at unprecedented pace. Securing and enabling this data are the two foundations of future digital platforms.

Technology is defining the future around the world.

Technology enabled value to be created around the world. In addition to investing in the US, we have witnessed the first wave of founders based in MENA driven by the emergence of digital channels. With recent reforms and structural changes, MENA market is embarking on a new wave of disruption driven by economical reforms.